Susac, South Dalmatia The island Susac is located 23 NM south of Hvar and 13 NM west of Lastovo. Only a lighthouse keeper and a shepherd with his flock of sheep are on it. Valuable archaeological remains are found on the island that have yet to be explored. Some endemic species of.


Palagruža, South Dalmatia Almost halfway between the Croatian and Italian coast in the Adriatic, is the island of Palagruza, 1400 m (0.87 mi) long, 300 m (0.18 mi) wide, and 90 m (3543 inches) high. The natural reserve of flora and fauna are endemic. There have also been found archaeological remains which.


St. John at sea, Istria At the most distant islet of the small archipelago in front of Rovinj in the 1853, the lighthouse was built. The islet of St. John size is only 70x50 m. Distant from Rovinj about 2 NM. The lighthouse is supplied with water from a cistern and electricity.

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