Vuglec Breg Winery, Pansion & Restaurant


VUGLEC BREG - Winery, Pansion & Restaurant


Vuglec Breg“ is built on the foundations of the old Zagorje village “Vugleci” and renewed original settlement now consists of original Zagorje’s “hiže” (house)restaurant and wine cellargazebo with oven and grill, as well as vineyardsforests and pastures.

The entire property is spread over 12 acres extremely spectacular because of its abundance and beauty, selflessly from the top offers the view of countryside and other Zagorje hills.

Where are we?
Vuglec Breg” is located in the Croatian Zagorje (countryside) Skaricevo village, halfway between the city centre and thermal centre Krapina – Krapina’s SPA, just 40 km from Zagreb.

Rooms and suites
Guests have original Zagorje’s “hiže” (houses) available, restored and rebuilt in the traditional style, but equipped with all the requirements and standards of modern tourism. Capacity is 32 beds in 7 rooms and three suites.

Food and Drinks
Pleasant atmosphere of our restaurant is the perfect place for great gastro experience. Originally planning in northern style, open fireplace and a terrace under the thatched roof gives a feeling of warmth and a special home atmosphere. Forgotten, old “grandma’s” recipes once again come to life in our kitchen and at the tables of our restaurant.

Natural and friendly atmosphere around entire “Vuglec Breg” further complements and enriches the vineyard with approximately 16 000 vines. Guests of “Vuglec Breg” can enjoy a tour and walk through the vineyard, and are every fall welcome in the grape harvest and socializing with the locals.In our cellar you can enjoy top-quality wines and sparkling wines, which are produced and nurtured with special care and constant supervision of expert agronomists and ethnologist.

Vuglec Breg” is a special, original and magical. A wedding day cannot be anything else than special, original and magical. Completely different approach, desires and dreams of the newlyweds, guided by our experience converted to exclusive event that are remembered throughout life.

Facilities and activities
Except holidays, wine and culinary delights “Vuglec Breg” offers various facilities for sports, recreation and entertainment. A large number of groomed trails and roads provide interesting walks or longer hikes, as well as driving with our mountain bikes. Two sports field with artificial turf and lights are designed for tennis, soccer, badminton, volleyball, or polygon for team building activities.Small playground with swings and slides, as well as pony will delight our youngest guests.

Winery, Pansion & Restaurant “Vuglec Breg”, Škarićevo 151, Croatian Zagorje
gps: N 46° 07,110’ E 015° 51, 057’, tel.: +385 (0)49 345 015, e-mail:,

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